Book Review: The Mark of the Assassin by Daniel Silva

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I bor­rowed this book from the local library.

My rat­ing for The Mark of the Assas­sin - 4

"The Mark of the Assas­sin" by Daniel Sivla is fast paced fic­tional mys­tery about CIA agent Michael Osbourne. The story takes place mainly in the United States & Eng­land and involves sev­eral con­tem­po­rary themes.

"The Mark of the Assas­sin" was a good, quick read with sev­eral ref­er­ences to Silva's first novel "The Unlikely Spy" (book review) which I found enter­tain­ing — even though this is a sep­a­rate story.   The book starts out a bit slow (but well paced) and keeps you read­ing with twists and a sur­prise I didn't see mid­way through.
To be fair though, the setup alone is half the book.
There are many ele­ments in the mix: polit­i­cal intrigue, a wife, med­ical issues, inter­na­tional loca­tions, twists, turns and a few sur­prises. Those ele­ments are a win­ning com­bi­na­tion. The book has well devel­oped char­ac­ters, great plot-line and it kept me inter­ested until the last page, as well as a the­ory which is thought pro­vok­ing, if noth­ing else.

The story starts with an act of ter­ror­ism. A jet liner is shot out of the sky using an land-to-air shoul­der mis­sile, the shooter is a ter­ror­ist known to the author­i­ties who is found dead next to the empty mis­sile tube shot in the face three times.

Three shots to the face are the mark of the assas­sin and CIA agent Michael Osbourne knows it — he has encoun­tered it before while work­ing in the field.  Michael believes that the jet liner was not shot down by Arab ter­ror­ists but by some­one else and this makes him a tar­get. What Michael doesn't know is that a group of rich and pow­er­ful world pol­icy manip­u­la­tors have tar­geted him for assas­si­na­tion and sent the world's best assas­sin to do the job; an assas­sin who jus­ti­fies his work and moral­ity by the famous Wild West well rea­soned defense of "he needed killin'".

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