Book Review: Scandalous Women by Elizabeth Kerri Mahon

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I got this book for free.
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Arti­cle first pub­lished as Book Review: Scan­dalous Women: The Lives and Loves of History’s Most Noto­ri­ous Women by Eliz­a­beth Kerri Mahon on Blogcritics.

My rat­ing for Scan­dalous Women — 4

“Scan­dalous Women: The Lives and Loves of History’s Most Noto­ri­ous Women” by Eliz­a­beth Kerri Mahon (blog | Twit­ter) is a non-fiction book ded­i­cated to… scan­dalous women. Each woman is fea­tured in  a short bio­graph­i­cal chap­ter.

  • 320 pages
  • Pub­lisher: Perigee Trade
  • ISBN: 0399536458

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So you’re think­ing :“what is a book­ish blog run by a man doing with this book”?
I’ll tell you: it is knowl­edge not uncom­mon that scan­dalous women (most of them any­way) are a favorite sub­ject among men of many cul­tures and intel­lects – that’s what!

Scan­dalous Women” by Eliz­a­beth Kerri Mahon is the kind of book I loved as a young boy. No, not because of the scan­dalous women, that would come later, but because I always found this for­mat of books fas­ci­nat­ing and inter­est­ing. These type of short biogra­phies allow me to know about each per­son and if I want, to research more about them.

Even though I read through this book, it is a book you can just pick up and read, then put down and pick up again a few days later since the chap­ters are short and are not related to one another. The book is also a must if you ever want to be on “Jeopardy”.

Ms. Mahon’s writ­ing is suc­cinct and she con­cen­trates on the aspect of what made her sub­ject so scan­dalous. Just keep in mind that the word “scan­dalous” is in con­text of the time those women lived in. while in today’s stan­dards they might seem tame, in their life­time they cer­tainly weren’t.

Each chap­ter is easy to read and high­lights the achieve­ments and promi­nence of each woman. While the book is by no means a com­pre­hen­sive biog­ra­phy of its sub­jects, nor does it claim to be, it is a won­der­ful intro­duc­tion to many his­tor­i­cal figures.

A spe­cial note to the won­der­ful sec­tion head­ings (Scin­til­lat­ing Seduc­tresses, Amorous Artists, etc.) – that’s some­thing I used to do on my col­lege papers and I appre­ci­ate the work, pun, word play and styl­ized humor wher­ever I go.

So tell me, who is your favorite scan­dalous woman and why?

The book is divided into seven sec­tions. Each sec­tion is fur­ther divided into short chap­ters fea­tur­ing a short biog­ra­phy of a scan­dalous woman.

Sec­tion 1: War­rior Queens
Cleopa­tra, Boudica, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Joan of Arc, Grace O’Malley

Sec­tion 2: Way­ward Wives
Émi­lie du Châtelet, Lady Car­o­line Lamb, Jane Digby, Vio­let Tre­fu­sis, Zelda Fitzgerald

Sec­tion 3: Scin­til­lat­ing Seduc­tresses
Anne Boleyn, Bar­bara Palmer, Emma Hamil­ton, Lola Mon­tez, Mata hari

Sec­tion 4: Cru­sad­ing Ladies
Anne Hutchin­son, Mary Woll­stonecraft, Rose O’Neal Green­how, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Carry Nation

Sec­tion 5: Wild Women of the West
Mary Ellen Pleas­ant, Sarah Win­nemucca, Calamity Jane, Eliz­a­beth “Baby Doe” Tabor, Mar­garet Tobin Brown

Sec­tion 6: Amorous Artists
Camille Claudel, Isadora Dun­can, Josephine Baker, Bil­lie Hol­i­day, Frida Kahlo

Sec­tion 7: Amaz­ing Adven­turesses
Anne Bon­ney and Mary Read, Lady Hes­ter Stan­hope, Anna Leonowens, Gertrude Bell, Amelia Earhart

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