Book Review: Gated Grief by Leila Levinson

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I got this book for free as a win­ner in a give­away from Knit­ting and Sundries

My rat­ing for Gated Grief — 5

I never dreamed that such cru­elty, bes­tial­ity, and sav­agery could really exist in this world.
Gen­eral Eisenhowser

“Gated Grief: The Daugh­ter of a GI Con­cen­tra­tion Camp Lib­er­a­tor Dis­cov­ers a Legacy of Trauma” by Leila Levin­son who started the char­ity Veteran's Chil­dren (web­site | Face­book | Twit­ter)  is a non-fiction book about the author’s five year research to under­stand her father’s trauma from lib­er­at­ing a con­cen­tra­tion camp in World War II. The book is filled with graphic pic­tures which will stay with you for a long time.

  • 272 pages
  • Pub­lisher: Cable Publishing
  • ISBN: 1934980544

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“Gated Grief” by Leila Levin­son is a pow­er­ful book which fol­lows the author’s search  to find the truth about her father’s World War II expe­ri­ence, par­tic­u­larly the trauma he has suf­fered from wit­ness­ing the human cru­elty while help­ing lib­er­ate Nord­hausen con­cen­tra­tion camp. Mrs. Levin­son trav­els all over the world and the US in order to get first­hand accounts from other sur­viv­ing lib­er­a­tors of Nazi camps.

Through­out her jour­ney Mrs. Levin­son learns not only about her father’s expe­ri­ence, but also finds some truths which she her­self has suppressed.

This was a very tough book to read, not only because of the graphic descrip­tions, but also because of the mul­ti­tude of hor­rific pho­tographs the author’s father and other vet­er­ans took.  Unfor­tu­nately for them, post trau­matic stress dis­or­der (PTSD) was looked down upon when they came back to the US which didn’t help them at all.

All the vet­er­ans claim that they didn’t know what to expect, that they weren’t men­tally ready. I don’t know how you can get men­tally ready to see thou­sands of corpses, star­va­tion vic­tims, dead chil­dren, burned humans or those who have been med­ically exper­i­mented on.  The human mind sim­ply can­not com­pre­hend the mag­ni­tude of this crime.

In try­ing to work her own inner demons, Mrs. Levin­son wrote a uni­ver­sally impor­tant and thought pro­vok­ing book.

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Below are great-grandparents Bernart & Ros­alia and great aunt Erna (Han­nah) as well as Tsvi & Devo­rah who were all mur­dered by the Nazis.

I truly believe that another holo­caust could eas­ily hap­pen here.
So Tell me: Do you think the holo­caust can hap­pen again?
Before you answer check out:
A Neo-Nazi event which hap­pened over the week­end in my home state (and Ms. Levinson's) of New Jer­sey (Link)
A man who named his kids to honor Nazis
Anti-Semitism Keeps Ris­ing in Europe
Japanese-American Intern camps in the US
and read a bit about the Rwan­dan Geno­cide where 800,000 peo­ple (neigh­bors, asso­ciates, friends) were butchered to death.

Zohar — Man of la Book


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