Book Review: Devils in Exile by Chuck Hogan

I borrowed this book from the local library.
Book Review Devils in Exile by Chuck Hogan
Devils in Exile , a fictional story, starts out great and with a subject which speaks volumes.  Neal Maven, a loser in high school who turned out to be a lethal fighting machine in Iraq, is coming back home to…nothing.

I remember taking of my uniform as well.  The mundane tasks of everyday life are maddening.  Getting acclimated, for me, was not as rough as it is for many others who face closed doors and misunderstandings at every turn.

Neil works in dead end jobs, not making any money and quickly on his way to a life of mind-boggling boredom and solitary existence.  In an instant of blind luck he impresses a man who pulls him out of the ordinary into the extraordinary life of a vigilante group that robs drug money.  The group creates havoc on the drug lords of the Boston area – but things are as they seem and as Maven finds out, he is playing a dangerous game.

Devils in Exile is a rough, fast, flashy, tough and smart action thriller.  There are twists I saw, but – best of all – the main twists I did not see.  Chuck Hogan stays away from the troubled hero clichés and the characters in this book are created very well.

This is my first Chuck Hogan book – but I’m picking up the others hoping they are half as good.

My rating for Devils in Exile – 5  

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