Book Review: Albert Einstein Speaking by R. J. Gadney

Albert Einstein Speaking by R. J. Gadney is a part biography / part historical fiction about the most famous scientist of our time. Mr. Gadney was a teacher, television producer, and an award winning scriptwriter who unfortunately passed away in May, 2018.

  •  272 pages
  • Publisher: Canongate Books
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 178689047X

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My rating for Albert Einstein Speaking – 3
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I found this strange book to be a charming, light read but a bit strange and difficult to get into. The format of Albert Einstein Speaking by R. J. Gadney is partly journalistic fact reporting, mixed with fictional dialogue in between.

Even though the book is separated into five long chapters, each one is made up of very short sections, quick to read and comprehend.  Unlike the excellent biography Einstein: His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson, the author does not try to explain the theory of relativity or any other of Prof. Einstein’s ideas in any great length.

The book starts off in a manner which really throws the reader off, a phone call between a young Bostonian student in Princeton, how mistakenly called the famous physicist. An interesting beginning, but unfortunately we don’t hear any more about the young lady or her relationship with the Einstein (who loved young people) until the end of the book.  That was very strange to me, leading the reader onto a promised story only to have 80% of the book ignore the promised narrative.

If I had to categorize this book, I would say it is a biography of Albert Einstein geared to the young adult crowd, with a mix of fictional dialogue and short bookend novel on the elder protagonist and a young woman.

I don’t know what the author was going for in this puzzling book. did he want to write a biography? A fictionalized biography? While this was an easy to read book, entertaining and interesting in most of the parts, I thought it was disjointed but yet, somehow, straightforward.

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