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Infographic: 25 fictional languages you can learn to speak

I speak several languages, but cannot even imagine how difficult it must be for linguists to create a fictional language, alas, they have, do and will.

Book Review: The Race for Paris by Meg Waite Clayton

I am happy that the author brought the attention to the women journalists of World War II, an important subject indeed. I’m going to pick up a few biographies to learn more about them.

Book Review: The Anatomy Lesson by Nina Siegal

I enjoyed reading about each of the well-developed characters and their back-story. Along with the creative story, the reader gets a sense of 17th Century Holland and what it was like to live during that time.

Fun Facts Friday: Lucius Shepard

Shepard claimed he has seen a wild black panther in the forest, which might have been, according to him, the last one in the US.

New Kiva Loan — Inbal from Israel

We gave a new loan to Inbal from Israel, a farmer. Click here to donate yourself Click here to donate yourself Inbal is a 39-year-old mother of three. She opened her children’s educational ‎store online in 2008 and established a physical store in 2014. Inbal has a Master’s ‎degree in child psychology and has applied […]

Book Review: Live and Let Die by Ian Fleming

Mr. Fleming’s descriptions of Harlem, voodoo and thrilling adventures are as exciting as ever. The tone in this novel is grittier than its predecessor, with more action moving the story forward.
And a fight with a giant octopus.

Fun Facts Friday: L.E.L.

9) When she was engaged to John Forster she implored him to make inquiries about her transgressions. Forster did, found her to be satisfied or her purity… and promptly broke off the engagement.

Book Review: A Possibility of Violence by D. A. Mishani

A Possibility of Violence is not a fast paced book, it is more introspective and analytical as Avraham makes his way toward, what he believes, is the right resolution to his case.

Book Review: Blood of Vipers by Michael Wallace

The reader can feel the exhaustion of bot the American soldiers and German civilians. The fanaticism of the Nazi gangsters is seen through one officer who refuses to admit defeat even though it is obvious to his subscripted, enslaved soldiers that it is indeed the case.

Fun Facts Friday: Georg Stiernhielm

Stiernhielm, literally means “Star Helmet”.

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