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Book Review: Good People by Nir Baram

A very ambitious and well researched novel which tries to understand how good people simply roll over and help commit atrocities

Book Review: The Redeemers by Ace Atkins

Another great installment in The Ranger series, and probably the funniest one.

Fun Facts Friday: Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak (10, June, 1928 – 8 May, 2012) was an American writer and illustrator best known for his book Where the Wild Things Are.

Book Review: The Forsaken by Ace Atkins

I did enjoy the book very much and would certainly recommend the whole series.

Graphic Novel Review: The Immortal Iron Fist, Vol. 1 by Ed Brubaker and David Aja

About: The Immortal Iron Fist, Vol. 1: The Last Iron Fist Story by Ed Brubaker and David Aja is a graphic novel about a Marvel superhero who is not as well known as other Marvel properties, but just as exciting. This graphic novel is a collection of Immortal Iron Fist #1 – #6 comic books. 160 pages […]

Fun Facts Friday: Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg  (3 June, 1926 – 5 April, 1997) was an American poet known for his controversial poem Howl. Mr. Ginsberg was a leading poet in the Beat Generation of the 1950s. By Harvey W. Cohen – (Original uploaded on en.wikipedia), CC BY-SA 3.0, 1) He was born in Newark, NJ. 2) His […]

Book Review: For Your Eyes Only by Ian Fleming

It seems to me Mr. Fleming had some stories in his head and somehow tried to tie them up into a common character (Bond).

Book Review: The Broken Places by Ace Atkins

The blending of authentic Southern living, along with a great crime story, is something that Mr. Atkins pulls off without a hitch

Fun Facts Friday: Herman Wouk

Mr. Wouk said that the two most important influences on his life were his grandfather and the United States Navy

Book Review: Hero of the Empire by Candice Millard

The story, told in style and grace, features a young, conceited Churchill on his way to cover the Boer Wars in South Africa, 1889

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