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Book Review: Lift by Daniel Kunitz

The author’s narrative is dry at times, but it was tight and well written. The issue I have with this book is that I felt cheated after starting to read.

Fun Facts Friday: Emma Lazarus

Emma Lazarus (22 July, 1849 – 19 November, 1887) was an American poet known for her 1883 sonnet The New Colossus which is inscribed on a bronze plaque being held by the Statue of Liberty. By T. Johnson – The New York Historical Society [1][2], Public Domain, 1)      Ms. Lazarus was one of seven […]

Book Review: Harem by Alev Lytle Croutier

The author writes about how harems worked, the occupants and the politics of them.

Excerpt from Unholy Code by Thomas Waite

Acclaimed novelist Thomas Waite shares this short excerpt from Unholy Code, the latest thriller in his Lana Elkins series.   “Look at the water, boy.” Vinko peered at its smooth surface and saw his reflection. “Your face is white as the clouds, isn’t it? Just like everyone else you see around here.” Vinko understood. He’d never […]

Fun Facts Friday: Clement Clarke Moore

Mr. Moore was an ardent opponent and protested against the development of the street grid as proposed by the government of New York. He thought it was a conspiracy to increase political patronage and appease the working class.

Book Review: The Book of Aron by Jim Shepard

This is not an uplifting book, but it is a very interesting story and about a young boy, in his formative years living in the Warsaw Ghetto

Book Review: Hitman Anders and the Meaning of It All by Jonas Jonasson

This is a fun book, a great satire and a good read

Fun Facts Friday: Charles Reade

Charles Reade (8 June, 1814 – 11 April, 1884) was an English dramatist and novelist. Mr. Read is best known for his novel The Cloister and the Hearth. “Charles Reade,” (1872)  illustrated by Frederick Waddy (1848–1901)  WorldCat –, Public Domain, 1)      Mr. Reade considered himself a dramatist and wanted that be firs on […]

Graphic Novel Review: James Bond: Vargr by Warren Ellis and Jason Masters

James Bond, agent 007 of British Secret Service, returns to London from a vengeance mission in Helsinki and resumes the boring duties of the 00 section. Soon enough he gets a new mission, this time in Berlin to break a drug trafficking cartel.

Book Review: The Unspeakable Crimes of Dr. Petiot by Thomas Maeder

About: The Unspeakable Crimes of Dr. Petiot by Thomas Maeder is a non-fiction crime book taking place in France during World War II. My rat­ing for The Unspeakable Crimes of Dr. Petiot — 4 Buy The Unspeakable Crimes of Dr. Petiot from* More Books by Jonathan Rabb Thoughts: The Unspeakable Crimes of Dr. Petiot by Thomas Maeder […]

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