Fun Facts Friday: Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / August 29, 2014

Oliver Wendell Holmes (29 August, 1809 – 7 October, 1894) was a Cambridge, MA native known for his poetry and essays. Books by or about Oliver Wendell Holmes Mr. Holmes graduated from Harvard University in 1836. After practicing medicine for the next decade he became a teacher at Dartmouth College and dean at Harvard Medical School. Holmes was the first dean at age 33. Mr. Holmes was a very popular teacher because he was the only one that could keep the class awake. In 1843 Holmes wrote The Contagiousness of Puerperal Fever, which was considered groundbreaking. Holmes wrote that the fever was carried from patient to patient by physicians and nurses. In the pager he proposed that stuff should wear clean clothing and be avoided by those aiding birth and those performing autopsies. Even though Holmes conclusions were ridiculed by many contemporary doctors, who sometimes operated in coats stiff from blood. Even though Holmes was proven right later on (1847), it’s on until 1935 that his recommendations were adhered to. His son, Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr was a U.S. Supreme Court Justice and American Civil War veteran. During his lifetime, Mr. Holmes was acknowledged by his peers as one of the…

Book Review: Early Decision by Lacy Crawford
4 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / August 28, 2014

Ms. Crawford wrote an amusing book, easy to read, quick, intelligent and often funny. The author even made me like some of the most spoiled kids the protagonist was engaged with, as well as a few pointers on writing essays (and if you follow my blog you know that there is certainly a lot left to be desired).

Book Review: And Some Fell on Stony Ground by Leslie Mann
4 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / August 27, 2014

The story takes place over a course of about 12 hours, but much of the story is told in flashbacks and memories which are triggered by external events which the protagonist, a flier named Leslie Mason, experiences. Mason is experiencing a profound sense of loss almost every waking moment due to his luck of having survived many missions, but loosing many friends who did not have such good fortune. In his depressed state, Mason is concerned only with the present and survival, not concerned about past or future.

Book Review: Nemesis by Jo Nesbø
4 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / August 26, 2014

I did not read this book in English, which gave me a different perspective on the Harry Hole novels. For example, the name itself in English is Harry Hole, but translated in another language with different emphasis and sounds it is more like Hari Hølā (Hoo-laa), a little point which I really enjoyed. Of course, the Norwegian names were difficult to pronounce, but that is part of the charm of translated novels.

Guest Post: Slingin’ Slang by Stephen Kozeniewski
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / August 25, 2014

Editing my first draft was something of a revelation. The novel is set in 1934, so that was a hard stop for all slang and references. That reference to Jiminy Cricket? Nope, that had to go. (Pinnochio didn’t come out until 1940.) What about “out the wazoo?” Doesn’t that just scream ’30s PI? Nope. Actually the term didn’t come into use until the late ’60s.

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 23 August, 2014
Latest Posts , Twitter Roundup / August 24, 2014

It is amazing to think that school is about to start, the summer flew by and we still have a vacation to take. We take the kids out of school because it’s a lot cheaper to go to place once school start, we can have an amazing vacation for half the price. Of course this year I’m going to be in school too so my “vacation” might not be as relaxing as I had hoped. This year brings us new challenges, we are paying an obscene amount for after-school care which consists of a whopping 2 hour a day for three days a week. Even with schedule changes, we still have two hours a week which are an issue. We are currently scrambling to find a solution otherwise… well… obscene amount. A new post of Fun Facts Friday: Ray #FunFacts RT @brainpicker: An illustrated dictionary of wonderfully unusual words 26 Famous (And Free) Fonts You’ll Want To Start Using Immediately via @HuffPostArts RT @Ivan_Izo: Kill Writer’s Block… RT @WritersDigest: Self-Editing Advice: How to Tackle Character via @MsBessieBell Dave Eggers: Don’t write off publishing… There Is One New Book On Amazon Every Five… via @TechCrunch Check out my new post…

Fun Facts Friday: Ray Bradbury
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / August 22, 2014

Ray Bradbury didn’t like computers or eBooks, believing that the Internet was “distracting”. However his stance softened when his agent explained to him that “a new contract wouldn’t be possible without ebook rights”.

Book Review: Maggie’s Wars by Phil Pisani
3 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / August 21, 2014

I did enjoy the premise of the story, which seemed to be edited heavily to the point where character development took a second seat to length. A quick, quirky read with a noir feel about a feisty lady and a soldier, both trying to make a difference out of place.

Kiva Loans — Repaid
Latest Posts / August 20, 2014

We’ve received a total of $12.47 in repay­ments this August. Loan repay­ments in the amount of $12.02 were made on a por­tion of a loan pur­chased with pro­mo­tional credit, so this amount was returned to the pro­mo­tional account. Click here to donate yourself Funded on Aug 5, 2013 Shonali United States  |  Food Production/Sales You Loaned: $25.00 Newly Repaid: $0.61 Total Repaid So Far: $6.27 (25.08% of your loan) Repayment Status: Paying back on time Funded on Aug 16, 2013 Fredy Celestino Guatemala  |  Internet Cafe You Loaned: $25.00 Newly Repaid: $1.46 Total Repaid So Far: $14.17 (56.68% of your loan) Repayment Status: Paying back on time Funded on Dec 26, 2013 Imer Peru  |  Grocery Store You Loaned: $25.00 Newly Repaid: $2.11 Total Repaid So Far: $13.56 (54.24% of your loan) Repayment Status: Paying back on time Funded on Mar 28, 2014 Yrma Peru  |  Liquor Store / Off-License You Loaned: $25.00 Newly Repaid: $1.92 Total Repaid So Far: $5.41 (21.64% of your loan) Repayment Status: Paying back on time Funded on Apr 23, 2014 Anonymous Peru  |  Restaurant You Loaned: $25.00 Newly Repaid: $6.37 Total Repaid So Far: $18.39 (73.56% of your loan) Repayment Status: Paying back on…

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